Core competences

Every day M&M team members are developing new applications based on the current core competences that (re)define M&M’s knowledge base. Currently we identify three main competences.

1. Knowledge in metal forming by:

Most skills that M&M developed through the years are unique to the market because of:
The areas of application and the controls that form the core of M&M systems.

2. Innovative development of

Robotics and Numeric machine Controls
M&M introduced FORCE CONTROL to the world as the most advanced type of control developed especially for the most difficult applications in metal forming and its processes. The knowledge it builds in TrackTronic ® the application of these kinds of controls has been growing ever since. Protected by a wide array of patents that enabled M&M to invest heavily in its Research and Development.

Because of their non-conventional approach to programming controls M&M engineers have helped renowned providers of CNC (position) control systems in the development of new applications. Therefore M&M engineers know how to combine the best of both worlds, if needed.

3. Process development

Industrial installations, metal forming processes and surface engineering are developed in an integrated manner so as to allow the complete production system to improve its overall performance (including the periphery of the M&M system).

Based on this knowledge M&M has introduced PROCESS INNOVATIONS to various industries such as the automotive and tube forming industry. Innovations that sometimes rendered processes that had been used for fifty odd years unviable.